Voice,Sound Healing

The power of music can heal hearts, minds & bodies

Using the voice and music for healing is nothing new.  Sound has been used for thousands of years by Shamans, Medicine Men and whole communities who raised their voices in healing prayer.  We live in a world of vibration, so it makes sense that we can be healed, soothed, or even agitated by certain sounds which affect us on a vibrational level.


I believe in the concept of ‘music as medicine’ and offer the following workshops & classes:

Toning - It’s simple and therapeutic to use the voice as an instrument by just naturally letting a ‘tone’ come out of your mouth.  Unlike ‘singing’, which usually causes habitual tension, toning allows the participant to use the natural power of the voice to create the mechanism for healing and self discovery.  We use our voices to express emotion all the time....wailing in despair; yowling when you’re in pain; screaming in anger; toning is no different.  I like to demystify toning so that everybody can experience how good it feels to release the voice without judgement about ‘how it sounds’.

Voice Jam - Coming together with others, using the voice in unconventional ways really frees your right brain to create! There’s no singing, you’re just letting your voice be an instrument as you join with others to create your own symphony and rhythm section!

Chakra TuneUpHave you ever stopped to think how powerfully your Chakra energy affects your voice?  The vitality of each Chakra is related to the tone and power of your vocal mechanism, as well as your ability to present yourself commandingly and authentically in the world!  Become conscious of the sacred link between the Chakras and your full expression as you utilize the integrative healing of a Chakra TuneUp.

Conscious Speaking for Parkinson’s - Parkinson's patients and those with neuro-muscular diseases have special speech challenges. Using my revolutionary voice technique, The Lawrence Vocal System™ as a basis, I’ve taken this method a step further to create Conscious Speaking™.

Through the mechanism of singing, the patient can build and rehabilitate the voice through natural, healthy means, while building the skills to be heard and understood.

Curing Vocal Nodules Naturally! -  Using my Lawrence Vocal System, based on the teachings of Bel Canto singing, I cured my nodes naturally by JUST LEARNING TO SING CORRECTLY!

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“I loved the vocal improv Voice Jam that we did. I think it opened people up a great deal to approach singing in that way. It allowed them to push their own envelopes of what's acceptable and felt very liberating.”  Bill Stoye

“Beth, thank you for the Saturday Chakra Workshop.  I allowed myself to learn the art of toning, and I learned so much about sound that I didn't truly understand it's importance to our overall well being until your workshop.”   Guadalupe Rodriguez

Voice Jam was a magical experience.  I have been making strange rhythmic sounds all day!”       Tracy T

“Beth's approach is valuable not only to those with Parkinson's disease, but anyone seeking to improve oral communication.” - Helene Gilroy , M.S. Ed

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