Beth Lawrence 
 My Musical Journey
singer - composer - producer - vocologistMy_Story,_Bel_Canto_Saved_My_Career.htmlCustom_Compositions.htmlPsychology_of_Voice,_Singing_Therapy.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1shapeimage_1_link_2shapeimage_1_link_3
  1. -I’m the owner of Viva La Voice, a company offering private coaching, workshops in the performing arts and Songwriting, Pageant coaching, and music camps for women.

- I’ve written “From Shower To Stage...7 Easy Steps for Singing Like A Pro”, which teaches a holistic approach to voice coaching and therapy honoring the connection of body, mind and spirit.

  1. -I’ve sung on numerous national jingles and soundtracks

  2. -

  3. -My CD’s have garnered awards from Parent’s Magazine, Billboard Magazine, the American Song Festival and L.A. Jazz Scene Magazine.

  1. -I’ve performed all over the world and  have appeared in major showrooms and concert venues in the U.S., Canada and Latin America opening for such stars as Bobby Vinton, Jerry Lewis and Don Rickles.

  1. -I’ve written music and lyrics for Marilyn an American Fable, a musical that ran on Broadway at the Minskoff Theater in New York. 

  1. -Most recently my original musical The Journey Home, ran as part of the 2002 Cultural Olympiad.

For over 25 years, I’ve been helping people all over the Untied States rediscover the joy of singing, performing, and living their Big Dream.


Land of Sleepytime…lullabies for the heart and soul – Album
Winner, National Parenting Publications Gold Award (NAPPA)

When the Sky Is Red – Album
“Best Vocal Album of the Year!” – L.A. Jazz Scene Magazine

Billboard Magazine Songwriter's Award
Winner - Latin Division

American Song Festival – International Music competition
Vocal Performance Winner

Just Plain Folks International Songwriting Competition Finalist


When The Sky Is Red

“Best Vocal Album of the Year!”

-LA Jazz Scene Magazine

Land of Sleepytime

NAPPA Gold Award




The Journey Home


Andrew Lloyd Webber


Bouquet River Suite

Meditation & Contemplation


featuring Nyle Steiner & Norman Thalheimer

Learn my singing secrets!!

From Shower To Stage!

7 Easy Steps for Singing Like A Pro!


A little bit about me......

“I love developing the brilliance in others!”


With Springsteen looking conservative!

A song I wrote for the Broadway show “Marilyn, An American Fable”!


When you get my Voicegram

On the road With Bobby Vinton (‘Mr. Blue Velvet!) in my touring days!

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