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"Tap into that treasure box that is your deepest soul, and release those unique gifts and talents that make you a complete, dynamic human being."
-Beth Lawrence

I’ve developed powerful tools to help you live your best life!  Here are some areas I specialize in!

Finding Your Voice

After years of work with singers and speakers, I’ve developed a holistic approach to voice therapy that gives you the skills to find your true voice, both physically and emotionally. Traumas, both physical and emotional can cause you to mask your true feelings, and after years of denial, it may be difficult to get in touch with your authentic self. 

As a Vocologist I can help you find that powerful, confident voice again so that you can ‘speak your truth', and shine your light in the world.

"Beth, thanks for giving me my voice back. The technique is incredible, and you are the most awesome voice teacher I've ever had!" -Bruce Morris

Reconnecting With Your Heart's Desire

With all of the responsibilities of everyday life, it's easy to forget about those things that once brought you joy. You may have put aside the dreams you once had; you may have chosen not to pursue your ‘heart's desire'. In order to be a whole person, living a fulfilled life, it's important to reconnect with those creative, altruistic, artistic passions that you may have denied.

If you feel that an essential part of your being has ‘gone to sleep', it's time to wake up!

The Lawrence Vocal System Therapy helps you unlock and tap into that treasure box that is your deepest soul, releasing those unique gifts and talents that make you a complete, dynamic human being.

“Beth possesses the incredible gift to help her students to release the potential that lies within each one of them.” -Dr. Richard H & Julia Lowe

Conscious Speaking For Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's patients and those with neuro-muscular diseases have special speech challenges. Using my revolutionary voice technique, The Lawrence Vocal System™ as a basis, I’ve taken this method a step further to create Conscious Speaking™.

Through the mechanism of singing, the patient can build and rehabilitate the voice through natural, healthy means, while building the skills to be heard and understood.

Conscious Speaking™ has the benefit of oxygenating the blood, relaxing muscles in spasm, releasing the endorphins that reduce stress and depression, helping free the breathing, and overall, bringing a renewed sense of well being and hope to the patient.


“I regard Beth as a knowledgeable teacher, willing to work out problems. I have seen that this program can, and has, given me new and effective skills in speech, making me more audible and understandable. Her method is fun, encouraging and effective.” – Howard Herrigel, Mercer Island , WA

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