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Conquer Stage Fear Forever!

This Workshop took place on March 6, 2010. 

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"I like the way Beth presents.  She's animated and fun to listen to and really knows what she's talking about.  If you have any fear of speaking or performing in front of audiences large or small this workshop should be able to help you overcome those fears."  -Becky Carter

"Beth is wonderful! Fantastic way to rid yourself of blocking beliefs forever!  A celebration of the confident person in all of us and a lesson on how to bring that person to the foreground all the time!" -James Fair

"Very uplifting, very successful at enabling me to really be changed - it does work!" - Jane Haynie, UT

"So positive!  This is a workshop that will help you learn to conquer your fears.  I loved it!  - Lecia Woodbury

How To Sell A Song

.....making the connection with your audience!

2.26.10, Salt Lake City, Utah

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"Beth is Awesome!  Excellent workshop on conveying what you feel in speech or song."  - James Farr

"Fabulous!  Exceeded my expectations!  Benefits are numerous, being more authentic and engaging my audience."  -W. Hatton

"I learned how to better relate to the character I'm portraying and how to deliver to my audience.  I really appreciate that Beth has such a prolific, prestigious background.  She's highly qualified, knows, and is passionate about the subject." - Holly Andrews

"Beth is very engaging and really knows her stuff!" - B. Carter

"The workshop improves self-confidence in presentation.  Excellent! - J. Crawford

"Loved being here, thank you Beth!"  - Shawn Duffey

Singing for Health!

Explore the many benefits of singing

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"Beth is a pure delight!  She took the fear out of singing!" - A.J.

"The instructor works diligently to help each student succeed.  I loved the class!"  -MJ Westien

"It is a fun, invigorating way to improve your breathing and singing." - Ann Johnson

"A wonderful, professional teacher, fun class.  Yes! It does seem to improve our health; my throat feels clearer! - BC

"Beth can help anyone learn to sing better and actually enjoy the process!" - Helen Hogan