Vocal Concerts

Yes, I love to sing!  From the first moment I heard Dionne Warwick sing ‘Anyone Who Had A Heart’ I wanted to make people cry with my voice!  I have always been versatile, and like to sing all styles of music.

I work with so many great musicians and can provide you with a customized concert that will please anybody!

Here are some examples of concerts I’ve done in the past:

  1. BulletThe Great American Songbook

  1. BulletThe Music of Burt Bacharach

  1. BulletGreat R&B Divas

  1. BulletLaura Nyro Songbook

  1. BulletTwo Hands and A Mouth

           (the music of Lawrence & Thalheimer) 

  1. BulletFabulous Femme Songwriters

Please contact me for more information and fees