Spring Is The Time To Sing!


Spring is The Time to Sing!
©2006 Beth Lawrence

Robins are singing, the daffodils have emerged; Spring is a time for new beginnings! When people hear me in concert, or find out that I'm a voice coach, I'm always amazed at how many of them tell me “I've always wanted to sing.”  They usually say it in a rather wistful way, as though it's a dream that's totally out of reach for them. I always respond, “then why don't you?”, to which, invariably, they say 'oh, no! I can't sing!'

Why do we so stubbornly defend our false beliefs and limitations?! If you'd love to sing; if you harbor that secret desire to belt out a tune or be the next American Idol; or just want the courage to sing 'Happy Birthday' without embarrassment, I'm here to tell you that YOU CAN!  And there’s no better time than right now, to begin.

Everyone can sing! You were born singing! Along the way, though, someone told you that you couldn't, and that became your belief system. Spring is the time when all things come back to life. Even dusty, forgotten dreams can be born again. So do something wonderful for yourself - take a few voice lessons! You'll see it's not as scary as you thought, and it will give you worlds of self-confidence. I offer both group and private coaching at my studio in Midway, Utah, and I find that most people are so anxious about singing in front of me initially, that we spend lots of time working on that inner critic that demands vocal perfection. My goal is to help my clients sing from their hearts, not their heads! Singing is all about raising your voice in joy; not worrying about how good you sound, but how good you FEEL when you're sharing your music.

If you yearn to sing, then DO IT! You will feel great and you'll feel proud of yourself for taking a risk and emerging a stronger, more confident songster! I love to help people find their voices, and now is a great time to take that step of self-discovery and self-love. Sing because you've always wanted to. What better reason is there? And if you're a bit shy, then take a few lessons (study with someone who's method is based in Bel Canto) so that you gain skills that will give you confidence in your voice.

Spring is the time to start something new; something that's going to feed your soul and bring a bounce to your step! Singing has incredible physical and emotional benefits, and it's a great way to meet new friends! My uncle just started singing at age 81, and it has changed his life! He sings every Thursday night in Los Olivos, California, and just loves it! And his audience loves it, too! How fantastic that he took the initiative to take singing lessons at the local community college, then had the guts to get up and put himself on the line.  And you know what??? This is now his PASSION! He lives and breathes it. I am so proud of him, and wish everyone would have the courage to open up and sing! My uncle Dick is 81 and singing every week in public; what's your excuse?! 

If there’s something you want to do in life, now is the moment.  The Universe wants to roll out the red carpet and let your heart’s desire come out to play!  Open up and let your lifesong break free.  Spring is the time to sing!!

©2006 Beth is the CEO of Viva La Voice!, a company offering private coaching, workshops in the performing arts, and music camps for women. Beth has developed The Lawrence Vocal System; a holistic approach to voice coaching and therapy honoring the connection of body, mind and spirit. To learn more and hear Beth’s music: www.VivaLaVoice.com

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