How Do You Keep The Music Playing?


How do You Keep The Music Playing???!!
By: Beth Lawrence, copyright 2006

Don’t diminish the importance of your creative outlets

It's so easy to let the everyday stuff of living get in the way of your creativity. Sometimes, when you're done with your day, it's the last thing you feel like doing. I think most of us would agree, though, if we just start working on a song, play an instrument, or put on music, then listen or dance, the time flies and the music works as wonderful therapy. We de-stress, forget the concerns of the day, immerse ourselves in right brain activity, and feel great. It's a fantastic way to end the day.

One of the challenges that comes up for most artists and writers is inspiration, and keeping motivated. Today, everyone’s schedule is so full that it’s difficult to find time for creativity, even when that’s your passion.

For Songwriters, I suggest setting aside an hour or two once a week to do music, even when you don’t feel like it. Put it on the calendar, and commit to that time. It's rewarding time for yourself, and you'll feel better when you make that an ongoing 'date' with yourself. Also, during your work day, take 15 minutes to work on lyrics, music, or a song you'd like to share. It will free your mind, and you'll return to work more open, more productive, and able to 'think outside the box'. Take a moment to be inspired by the beauty of nature around you, by the sounds of life happening right where you are.

It's easy to let our passions assume a place of lowest priority in our lives; but when this happens we suffer. We feel out of balance, unfulfilled and resentful. Take time, make time, to indulge in those activities that you love, that bring you joy and peace; that make you feel good about yourself. Instead of thinking about music or art as a 'hobby' that you do when you have time once in awhile, think of your art as being the driving force in your life! Only you can give it that place of importance in your schedule. It's not a hobby, it's your life blood; it's what makes you a creative, vibrant, artistic human being! Don't diminish the importance of your artistic outlets. Your creative spirit, your playful spirit is always there, tapping on your shoulder, reminding you to come out and play.

We all have responsibilities, but don't let those responsibilities rob you of the joy of expression through music and art that makes you who you are. We communicate through art, it is part of our collective psyche as human beings. Take time to express yourself! You will feel so much better, so free, so open when you integrate your creative spirit back into your life!

Beth is the CEO of Viva La Voice!, a company offering private coaching, workshops in the performing arts, and music camps for women. Beth has developed The Lawrence Vocal System; a holistic approach to voice coaching and therapy honoring the connection of body, mind and spirit. To learn more and hear Beth’s music:

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