From Shower To Stage For 
Latter-day Saints

“Music is truly the universal language, and when it is excellently expressed how deeply it moves our souls.” -- President David O. McKay

“I believe that singing is one of the purist ways that we can communicate with the Lord.  When we sing from the heart without self-judgement, we are creating an open channel to God.

I hope that after you’ve read this book you will be both excited and enthusiastic about singing, no matter what level of singer you happen to be.  Singing is your way to stay connected with God, your community, and your world.”  -- Beth Lawrence

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BOOK EXCERPTS: ©2012 Beth Lawrence

“Lifting the voice in joyous song has long been the legacy of the Mormon people.  Singing has been a source of comfort as well as exultation from the earliest days of hardship and triumph.  Singing is not only your means of communication emotionally, but it is a creative outlet that should be natural and enjoyable.”

“I wrote this book with the intention that you will be able to sing without worrying that someone might actually hear you!  Remember that singing doesn’t have to be perfect to be enjoyable to your audience.  If your heart is in your performance and your focus is on your story, you will touch your audience even if you aren’t perfectly executing each note.”

“You won’t believe how incredible your voice will sound when you fully engage the body and use it to create a huge, supported, rich voice, with no effort whatsoever!”

“Real change starts with you and your ability to get in touch with thinking, hearing, and feeling while you’re singing!”

“I believe that we are all born with the ability to sing, and love to sing until perhaps someone in your life tells you that you’re not good at it.  Then you close up and adopt the belief that you can’t sing well.  That faulty belief system is a self-fulfilling prophecy that causes people to close their mouths and never sing again.  And all the while you are inwardly stressed because you can’t freely express your inner joy through song.”

“I have said before that singing is 90 percent mental; and basically, our thoughts - negative, positive, fearful, or fearless - govern our ability to sing with ease, beauty, and power.”


Step 1    Breath                              ‘Energy’

Step 2    Conscious Breathing           ‘The Engine’

Step 3    Placement                         ‘Resonance Chamber’

Step 4    The Open Throat                ‘The Portal’

Step 5    The Organs of Speech        ‘The Articulators’

Step 6    The Legato Line                 ‘The Link’

Step 7    Alchemy                            ‘The Etheric Process

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